Cat Friendly Flooring

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Do you have a cat or a few cats in your home? Try installing pet friendly floor options like stone, tile, linoleum, even vinyl. Installing linoleum or vinyl for your cat friendly flooring makes your space durable, and resistant to staining, water, and your cats’ accidents. Both of these floors are also a lot more affordable than hardwood and bamboo too. Another floor for cats is stone and tile. Properly sealing tile and stone floors can help prevent staining from accidents and scratching from paws. Since tile and stone are textured, this means it makes a safe environment for not only your cat but for yourself as well! The best part about your new cat-friendly floor is that stone and tile can be installed anywhere in your home, both above and below grade.

Find out about all your flooring options when you have cats in your home. Making the right choice in installing pet friendly floors can save you a lot of time, money, and keep your floors looking beautiful!

Best Hardwood Flooring for Pets

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If you have pets and are buying hardwood floors, this blog is for you.  There are several factors to consider when choosing the best hardwood flooring for pets, including durability, scratch resistance, ability to withstand pet accidents, and more.  The blog will give you tons of important info to consider that will help you buy the most pet friendly hardwood flooring for your furry friend.

Hardwood Floors for Pets – Pros

Photo of a large dog on a hardwood floorMost pets love the cool feel that hardwood floors provide when laid on, especially during the hot summer months.  In addition, when tended to immediately, most pet accidents simply wipe away with some hardwood cleaner, leaving no trace of your pet’s bad habits and making your life easier.  As an added benefit, solid hardwood floors and some engineered hardwoods can be refinished to look new again if they become scratched from your cat or dog’s claws.

Hardwood Floors for Pets – Cons

It is important to mention that hardwood flooring can create a slippery surface.  Running pets may not be able to stop fast enough and elderly pets may find slick hardwood floors painful on their joints.  Eased or beveled edges and hand-scraped textures tend to add more traction to hardwood flooring to reduce this problem.

If pet urine, vomit, or feces is left on hardwood floors for an extended period of time, they can be absorbed or leak in between planks.  The hardwood may swell as a result and the smell of urine and other offending smells can become permanent.  If this situation occurs, the best when the homeowner has floating hardwood floors as these are usually relatively easy to replace when compared to glue down or nail down hardwood floors.

Choosing the Best Pet Friendly Hardwood Flooring

When choosing the best pet friendly hardwood flooring, you should choose hardwoods that rate high on the Janka Hardness Scale such as Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), and Bloodwood.  These floors are extremely durable and scratch resistant.  Also pay special attention to what the floor wood is finished with.  An aluminum oxide embedded finish with several layers of polyurethane is one example of a pet friendly hardwood finish.

Sample photo of a hardwood floor being refinishedIf you choose thick solid hardwood floors, they may be able to be refinished several times, which, if you are willing to do the work, means you can sand and refinish the hardwood floors to look new again.  Please note that solid hardwood floors may not be suitable in all installation areas such as basements, and any area with moisture problems.

If you have any other questions about choosing the best hardwood flooring for pets, email me at

Need Help Finding the Best Flooring For Pets?

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You’re in the right spot. I am a flooring professional who has spent years searching for the best flooring for pets. If you own a cat or a dog and are buying new flooring in the future, you don’t want to miss out of these pet friendly flooring blogs. Here you will find my reviews of the best flooring choices for homes with pets, from cats to dogs and any other pet that may be found walking your floors.

A young cat and puppy on carpetingDepending on the type of pet that you own, your flooring needs will differ.  For example, ceramic and stone tiles are pet friendly flooring choices for pets that have accidents indoors, but aren’t so great for an old dog that has arthritis.  Instead, you may choose a floor covering that provides some cushion for pets joints such as carpet or cork.

I will be reviewing the “pet friendliness” of all common floor coverings including hardwood, bamboo, laminate, carpet, cork, ceramic tile, stone tile, rubber flooring, and more.  Bookmark this blog in your favorites and check back frequently to read my reviews on the best flooring for pets!