Cat Friendly Flooring

Do you have a cat or a few cats in your home? Try installing pet friendly floor options like stone, tile, linoleum, even vinyl. Installing linoleum or vinyl for your cat friendly flooring makes your space durable, and resistant to staining, water, and your cats’ accidents. Both of these floors are also a lot more affordable than hardwood and bamboo too. Another floor for cats is stone and tile. Properly sealing tile and stone floors can help prevent staining from accidents and scratching from paws. Since tile and stone are textured, this means it makes a safe environment for not only your cat but for yourself as well! The best part about your new cat-friendly floor is that stone and tile can be installed anywhere in your home, both above and below grade.

Find out about all your flooring options when you have cats in your home. Making the right choice in installing pet friendly floors can save you a lot of time, money, and keep your floors looking beautiful!

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